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      We offer wide range of products, from small volume business stationeries to large volumes commercial & hospital forms

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      About Us



      時利和 - 成立於1975年,立足香港,始終如一。由生產塑膠衣架開始,以時利和塑膠廠為業務名稱,服務當年剛起步、及後曾為香港支柱產業之一的製衣業。隨著工業北移,製衣業式微,於90年代後期逐步轉營印刷業務。為配合業務性質,於2004年易名為時利和印務公司,並逐步結束塑膠生產,專注印刷業務。我們的專注及優良服務,承蒙各大機構的信任與支持,令我們有機會為商會及醫院等各大機構提供服務,大量供應各類專用表格、紀錄封套文件夾等專用印刷品。
      HK-PANDA – (Hong Kong Printing AND Accessories),服務香港,始終如一。

      Susidiary of See Lee Wo Printing and Accessories Company

      See Lee Wo, established since 1975. Formerly known as See Lee Wo Plastic Factory, produced plastic hangers and buttons for garment manufacturing industires. As the industry moved to China, we gradually migrated our core business to printing industries. In 2004, we changed our company name to See Lee Wo Printing and Accessories Company, focus on printing business. Through out the years, with support from our customers, we not only produce small volume business stationeries, but also mass manufacture forms and folders for private hospitals and trade associations.
      We have established HK-PANDA – (Hong Kong Printing AND Accessories)

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      Offset Printing


      Offset printing offer PMS and CMYK colors, suitable for any type of business needs. We offer wide range of finishing to enhance your product, including PP lamination, spot UV, foil stamp, emboss/deboss, etc.

      Digital Printing


      Digital printing is suitable for small and rush orders. With color calibration, output of digital printing can be as good as offset printing.

      Professional Designs


      We have multiple design partners, each have their unique style. From modern design to traditional layout, you will always find the right style to suit your needs.


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